Friday, 29 August 2008

Snipin you bootleggin bastids!

Look man, dont get it twisted...downloads are inevitable so dont think we're all disillusioned here at EAT GOOD, if somethings out and heads dont wanna pay for it they'll find a way round it or probably do without BUT when music is leaked early from those without our interests at heart it does f*ck things up; it then gives the option of heads who would have waited for it a sneaky chance to cop a bootleg and maybe negate a sale.

We got Trading Standards samplers, snippet reels and deliberate leaked tracks that we've given bloggers/dj's the go ahead to put out there in an effort to promote the release and to show love to if they're feeling it; Sonny's even gone on an uploading streak on the EAT GOOD YOUTUBE personally leaking a couple tracks himself but early leaks of the whole thing f*ck the game up. us a favor; report any bootlegging you see going on; we're pretty on it so links to 1 click hosting will get sniped...SIMPLE, remember dont get it twisted; come September 22nd once its out its out its up to you to support it or go the bootleg route.

And to the press/reviewer/radio person who leaked it..

tut tut...lay low.

Sonnyjim - Trading Standards Sampler..