Thursday, 16 October 2008

Reef The Lost Cauze - "I Wonder" prod Marco Polo

Feelin this at the moment so I thought id share.

Heres the backstory (stuff like this I always love reading)

This song actually was never supposed to happen. I got a beat cd from Marco at a Beat Society in like 2005. He gave me all these bangers, battle ready type joints. I was lovin it but there was this one joint that had such a dope feel to it, and it had this voice sayin "I wonder" in the chorus and I knew that was my beat. This shit was like number 14 on the cd and he was like "you sure? This is the one you want?" but I convinced him I would do it justice.

So some time went by and due to my budget I couldn't afford to cop it off him, and he was trying to hook me up but he had bills too so I understood. I told him to try and hold it for as long as he could. So like a year went by, and the track was pretty much not gonna happen. We hadn't spoken really, he was grinding and getting his placements and he was workin on his album as well. So I figured by now it was gone.

So as fate would have it, I seen him in Philly at this show I was playin at wit Wu, Redman, Jedi, and mad other people. It was nuts. He was supposed to have some tickets waiting but things got screwed up and I got him in, and after that he waived the fee haha. Funny thing is, after I got the greenlight to write to it, I got shook. I knew I wanted to say something but I didn't know what. So I ended up not even finishing the song until I was on the train to his crib in Brooklyn to record it. I got high as shit, got on the train with the first verse written, put the beat on in my headphones and just wrote around the hook. It's just things I wonder about, things I think about as a grown man in America. My perspective has changed over the years, I'm aware of more things going on in the world and this song articulates that somewhat.

A lot of it is just me trying to sound smart.

Anyway..the tracks dope...lovin it.