Saturday, 1 November 2008

Apollo vs Kelakovski Beat Battle

As youtube is waste I've had to split these up into 2 parts so peep what went down last Wednesday as the LDBB crew and Eat Good Fam (Kosyne, Kelakovski, Eyebs & Raul Supreme, Sonnyjim, Taharka, R2ThaBeatz) went to London to show support to the YNR camp for their latest release; Sir Smurf Lil's 2nd album "A New Bloodline"...(smurf recently took part in the LDBB Beat Cypher so we gotta show love back.

Anyway at the event was a beat battle that was supposed to be between Apollo (Champions Of Nature, producer for Conspicuous, Ralph Rip Shit, Jehst & more!) and Apatight (Groundwurq, Jack Flash, Sir Smurf, LDBB league & more!)...turned out Apatight couldnt make it on the night and after a call from Jehst (about 20 mins before we left too!) Kela took on the challenge and offered to play blaps in place of Apz. (it just so happened we had all our gear with us as the LDBB lot were performing at Beadshed the next day and were stoppin with fellow LDBB head Jon Phonics...vid to follow).

Ok so heres how it went down; I think you'll agree Apollo and Kela both brought the heat that night and was dope to watch it go down!!.

If you wanna peep more of Apollo's ish head over to his myspace at obviously Kela on the LDBB Top 8.

Apollo vs Kelakovski - Beat Battle @ Sir Smurf Launch