Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Dont Flop Street Battles

Eurgh (Jump Off WRC Finalist) seems to have taken some initiative and grabbed the battling concept by the balls and took back to the grassroots level with "DONT FLOP STREET BATTLES" nationwide street battles which he's setup himself for emcees who wanna get down on some solo and 2 on 2 battles, no wack rules no crowd to pander to just ill spittin, to check more out hit youtube and check out Eurgh's channel (http://uk.youtube.com/user/EurghTube), heres one of the first battles posted (I think) of Eurgh & Cruger vs Scizzahz & Enlish...some jokes in there trust!.

Eurgh/Cruger Vs Enlish/Scizzahz


PS ive just had the most amazing jacket potato with chicken curry, shit was soo gangster...just thought id share that with you.